Gareth (avron) wrote in polloftheday,

Hypothetical situation.

Star Trek style transporters exist but are very expensive to use. Expensive beyond your ability to afford. (And there are government controls, that's a dangerous ability after all.)
A friend of yours (who could well live on the other side of the planet) manages to get 'return' tickets such that someone can have 6 hours anywhere they like on the planet before being returned to their origin point.
Poll #964229 Who goes where? And why? (Remember, you only have 6 hours.)

One ticket to anywhere in the world, for you. You go to ... ?

Two tickets, for you and a friend to go anywhere in the world, return to respective start points. The two of you meet in ... ?

One ticket, for someone else to visit you. The person coming to see you is ... ?

One ticket, for someone else to visit a third person. Who do you send and who do they end up visiting?

I don't even remember what started me thinking about this, apart from the obvious fact I've been watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for the past 5 ½ weeks. And my sister was visiting from Australia for the week just been.

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