Steve (stevieg) wrote in polloftheday,


Hi everybody - one of your friendly maintainers speaking.

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks - over the past 2 weeks our membership has exponentially increased, and overall everyone has been behaving.

On this note, however, we have started to see some flame-wars break out in comment threads as well as inappropriate polls being posted.

A few points to go over:

  • People may post polls relating to religion, sex, politics and other sensitive subjects. polloftheday is not a survey company with scientific polls. We created this community just for fun - If you find a poll offensive/biased, or do not agree with it, please either skip over the poll or email one of the maintainers so we can take a look over it. Leaving needlessly rude or inflammatory comments expressing your displeasure with the poll is not going to help anyone involved. That being said, leaving comments that politely (or even civilly) explain what you felt was wrong with the poll, or even better offering ways to fix it and educate the original poster are okay.

  • Polls and/or comments that are inappropriate or harassing will be deleted/frozen with a note from a maintainer explaining why, as well as a warning that further actions such as these will result in being barred from the community. We really don't want to ban anyone from this community (really, we appreciate each and every member that contributes); however, we will take action against users if it is deemed necessary.

  • Polls that are over 1 "page-down" in length (or a few mouse scrolls) need to be behind an lj-cut. We will leave a note on any polls that are excessively long and require an lj-cut (these can be added without changing the poll, so it is ok to add them after the fact!).

Again, I would like to thank everyone for their contribution over the past 2 weeks. Going from ~45 members to over 440 is quite a shock, and I know all of us as maintainers appreciate the effort everyone has put in to make this community (for lack of a better term) kick-ass. :)
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