RS (rainbowstevie) wrote in polloftheday,

Another COVID poll, because why not

This one is more hypothetical, though.

Given the current pandemic situation, would you rather:

Be paid your current salary to stay home for the next 2 months
Be paid double your current salary to work in essential-worker retail (with current safety precautions in place) for the next 2 months

In a scenario where you are being paid to stay at home for 2 months, all pay being equal, would you rather:

Be furloughed. (Time to indulge in a stay-cation.)
Be working. (I need some structure in my life.)

* If you are unemployed, assume "current salary" to be your most recent salary or the equivalent of full-time minimum wage for your area, whichever is higher. For the purposes of this poll exercise, assume the retail job in question 1 is full time and that you would be furloughed or taking a leave of absence from your current job if you have one.

* Two months is an arbitrarily selected amount of time. If your answers would change depending on the length of time, feel free to elaborate in a comment.
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