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Historical Encounter 
28th-Nov-2017 09:05 pm

Sixteen years ago, when you were 14 years old (for the purpose of this hypothetical) you have sexual intercourse with someone you are attracted to who is 30 years old. The age of consent where you live at the time is 16, so you are underage and the other person knows it. The intercourse is consensual, and you do not feel any regret or remorse at the time. At the time you did not feel emotionally manipulated or taken advantage of. Sixteen years later, when you are 30, you tell a friend about the experience. Your friend tells you that it was wrong for the other person to have sex with you, knowing that you were underage. Your friend recommends that you report the matter to the police.

Poll #2075442 Historical Encounter

Would you follow your friend's advice and report the matter to the police?

29th-Nov-2017 05:55 am (UTC)
sorry but i think this situation shows male bias
women just don't think like that
regret and remorse ? - oh there are always residuals no matter what was felt in the moment

how about anger as the woman realizes the reality of the situation?
the feelings and understanding of a 14 years old changes as she matures
what might have felt "right and being adult" at 14 becomes oh so clearly having been manipulated and abused!
29th-Nov-2017 09:06 am (UTC)
A fourteen year old doesn't have the emotional maturity to decide whether or not to have sex with a thirty year old. Even if they didn't feel regret or remorse at the time.
That is why we have age of consent laws. What happened was statutory rape.

But despite that, I personally would not go to the police if it happened to me as a fourteen year old.
Between the ages of fourteen and thirty worse things probably would have happened to me, than a thirty year old taking advantage of me when I was fourteen.

If worse things hadn't happened, I must have had a charmed life.
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