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The $500 Emergency

This poll results from something I read about Donald Trump's popularity and how many people who support him do so because they feel caught in the wage disparity gap and are looking to him to shake things up. (I don't intend to debate the logic of this, perhaps that's the subject of another poll.) The story said that a significant majority of Trump supporters answered "no" when asked if they would be able to meet an emergency that required them to come up with $500. This made me curious about how widespread this problem is and how many people are in that position.

Poll #2055902 The $500 Emergency

If you had a sudden emergency that required you to come up with $500 cash, could you do it?

I could do it, but I'd have to use a credit card or line of credit
I could only do it by borrowing from a friend or family member
I don't think I could do it
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