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To Surveil or Not to Surveil...

Today's entry in potus_geeks is about the NSA surveillance of virtually everyone's email and telephone data. There are two sides to this question:

Those who support the program say that it is a necessary evil in today's world when terrorists can take multiple lives in a single event. They argue that this kind of surveillance is necessary to prevent such events from happening and to apprehend those who commit such acts. President Obama says that we have to have faith in the professionalism of those administering the program not to use it for any ulterior motive other than what it was intended for.

Those opposed to the program call it an abhorrent invasion of privacy, one that is indiscriminate and arbitrary, and one which allows the high-tech collection and retention of personal data on virtually every citizen for purposes of querying and analyzing it without prior judicial approval or oversight. They say it is blatantly unconstitutional and in reality prevents very little terrorist activity.

What say you?

Poll #2015579 Electronic surveillance

Should your government have the right to access every citizen's private email, electronic communication and internet activity for the purposes of detecting and preventing terrorist threats?

Only if they have first obtained a warrant from a court or a judge

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