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Random Christmas Polls: 17. The Christmas Blues 
22nd-Dec-2013 01:30 pm
I've had to repost this poll because before I had mistakenly made it so only friends could vote. I've also changed it so that individual answers to how you voted will not be visible.


For many people, Christmas is a time of sadness. Do you feel sad or depressed at Christmas?

Yes, it's a regular problem for me
Some years (and unfortunately this is one of them)
Some years (but fortunately not this year)
No, I've been lucky enough to be spared this problem

23rd-Dec-2013 06:24 pm (UTC)
The question isn't really about seasonal (as in winter) depression, it's intended to be about Christmas depression. Many people become very sad due to a number of issues, such as loneliness, social anxiety, having to deal with dysfunctional families, financial pressures or financial insecurity, to list just a few. I feel badly for you for having to spend time around a family that doesn't accept you. I avoid much of my family for the same reason.
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