Explain me what is justice, what is right? (lady_angelina) wrote in polloftheday,
Explain me what is justice, what is right?

A comment to my previous poll made me think of this one. Will explain the history behind it under the cut. Anyway...

Scenario: You are attending a college that has a fall and spring semester, and an optional 3-week winter term. Only three different classes are available for the winter term: "Beer Drinking and Existentialism" for Philosophy credit, "Human Orgy in Baja California" for Biology credit, and "Fitness Sleeping" for Physical Education credit. You are badly lacking in credits in all three disciplines for your graduation requirements, but you can only take one class. Your other alternative is to drop out entirely for that term and resume classes in the spring.

So... which of the following classes would you take?

Beer Drinking and Existentialism
Human Orgy in Baja California
Fitness Sleeping
Screw it -- if those are the only three classes available, I'm dropping out for that term!

The college I attended did have a semester system as described in the scenario. Of course, none of the classes in the poll were ever offered. ;) There was, however, a weekly college newsletter that would provide joke mini-polls such as the one here. The original poll simply asked us which of the three mock classes we would like to take if they were offered -- the fourth option was completely of my own devising. After a day or so, I might update this with the order in which each of the classes in the original poll won out, but I wanted to see which ones appealed to you guys the most without the risk of bias. ;)
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