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Real or Artificial?

I've noticed a lot of conflicting information being distributed about whether it's more environmentally friendly to have a real Christmas tree or an artificial one.

The pros and cons of a live tree are listed as follows:

Can be chipped into mulch, compost, or wood chips
Wood can be repurposed to make fences or for use in building
Christmas trees trap more carbon dioxide than other tree forests
Smell terrific
Can buy or rent a living tree, which is planted after the holiday

Very few truly organic trees exist
Trees can be loaded with pesticides
Trees might be trucked across the country, adding to fuel costs
Need to be watered regularly
Shed needles that will need to be cleaned up
You will need to organize how you recycle your tree after its use and likely transport it yourself
Not every community provides recycling options

The pros and cons of an artificial tree are said to be the following:

Can be used year after year
Less expensive
Don't dry out
Good for urban dwellers
Can be put up earlier in the season

Made mostly of plastics and metals, including lead, that are not biodegradable
Often shipped long distances, as most are made in China
Need to be stored every year
Not as aesthetically pleasing

So, leaving aside the obvious answer of "neither", which do you think is a better choice for the environment?

Poll #1798976 Christmas Tree

As between these two options, which is more environmentally friendly?

A real Christmas tree
An artificial Christmas tree?
I'm not sure
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