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alright guys, i'm in dire need of opinion.

i live in government housing and once a year they come in to inspect that i'm keeping the apartment up to standard, keeping it clean, etc.

this past time i failed on the merit that my floors aren't the cleanest and my bathtub is covered in limescale/stains. i admit i could be doing more for my floors, but the stains/lime/calcium build up on my tub is NOT my fault. about a year ago, my tub faucet started leaking/dripping of it's own accord. i called the maintenence THREE times but yet it took them SIX months to come in and FIX the leak/drip.

i'm near tears here because none of it is coming up with CLR even after an hour of working on it, plus the fact i physically cannot get down in the tub (or the floor for that matter) to really SCRUB.

what should i do?

suck it up and scrub your ass off. would you rather be homeless?
it's definitely not your fault it took them six months to come in to fix the problem, therefore it's not your problem to clean up the side effects
other, and i'll explain in comments
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