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Get your random questions here!
1st-Oct-2010 12:59 pm
I'm away at a conference and am surprised to see how many people have iPads and Kindles. Sooo...

If you wanted a handheld computer for reading, which would you get (or which would you recommend)?

An IPad
A Kindle
A Sony Reader
Some other product (comment and tell us which one)
Hell if I know, I'm as clueless about this as you are
I wouldn't ever want such a device
Something else (what?)

Do you have (or are you planning to purchase) such a device?

Yes, an IPad
Yes, a Kindle
Yes, a Sony Reader
Yes, some other such device (please comment and tell us which)
Yes, two or more of the aforesaid devices
No, but I wish I did
No and I never will
Something else (what?)

Check off the reasons why you got such a device, or why you would like one, or why you don't want one

It's easier than carrying books around, especially when you travel
It performs the other functions of a computer (e.g. web browsing, email)
They're cheap
They're a cheaper alternative to buying textbooks
It takes up less space than a bunch of books
The screen is hard on the eyes, unlike a book
I can read a book easier than I can read a computer screen
They're expensive
I like books and would rather have a book than a computer file
I'm a luddite and don't like new technology
I worry that I might lose such a small device or it will get stolen. With a book, who cares?
Something else (what)?

I don't have such a device. Should I get one? (I like to read a lot).

Hell to the Yes
Don't do it
Do what you want, I don't care
Something else (what?)
1st-Oct-2010 08:03 pm (UTC)
For me, there's way more satisfaction in actually turning the page. I would miss that feeling if I had to switch to a computer.
1st-Oct-2010 08:07 pm (UTC)
Ugh, I hate reading on screens. It's fine for blogs, but it's too hard to concentrate on stories that way. Plus I just have a general love affair going on with the look and weight and feel of books.
4th-Oct-2010 10:08 am (UTC)
I am like that too, also my contac lenses seem to be a bit irrtable if i look on a screen too long..
1st-Oct-2010 08:12 pm (UTC)
Don't have one, probably won't ever get one, but I won't discount the possibility that I may someday change my mind.
1st-Oct-2010 08:15 pm (UTC)
Aside from cost and maintenance, my only other concern would be that it would get lost or stolen, because I ride public transportation to work, and have to travel through shady parts of town after dark in the winter (the sun goes down here at 4:30 PM in December).

But that said, I'd love to have such a device. The screen is probably several times larger than that of my BlackBerry (which is how I'm accessing LJ right now), and if I can do a search of text (like the Find function in many programs) to find phrases and excerpts, etc., I want to double-check on, I would be in heaven.

Yes, I'm aware that my BlackBerry could get stolen, too, but it at least fits in my pocket where I keep it most of the time. With a Kindle or iPad, I can't as easily hide it out of sight on my own person.

Edited at 2010-10-01 08:17 pm (UTC)
1st-Oct-2010 08:33 pm (UTC)
I acquired a Kindle recently, because I have quite a number of out-of-print Doctor Who novels as files on my computer that would I would very much like to read but probably never would if I had to do it on my laptop. :D

I chose the Kindle because, well, it was an obvious choice, and also it has web-browsing capabilities in case I need to look up the first appearance of Irving Braxiatel or something!
1st-Oct-2010 08:35 pm (UTC)
the screen on my kindle is definitely not hard on the eyes the way a computer can be; the e-readers are all designed that way.

I do love my Kindle, but I think which one you buy just depends on what features you want. The Nook and iPad weren't options when I picked mine out, and between the Kindle and the Sony Reader, I chose the Kindle for the wireless option.

However, if I still lived near a B&N I'd seriously consider getting a Nook as well, for the read in store feature.
1st-Oct-2010 08:36 pm (UTC)
I rarely buy books and get most of mine from the library. Until you can "check books out" for the electronic devices, I'm out.
1st-Oct-2010 11:35 pm (UTC)
You can, as long as your device is one that allows DRM-protected media - for instance, not a Kindle. Many libraries, including the one at which I work, have partnerships with providers of digital content, such as Overdrive, which allow you to download files from e-books to music to audio books to your computer and transfer them onto allowable devices for a limited amount of time (they expire or something). In fact, my library system is adding some Nooks to its collection to lend out in order to facilitate the expansion of this service.

Ah, libraries! <3
1st-Oct-2010 10:27 pm (UTC)
I love my Kindle. As a student who travels a lot, the Kindle is probably the only reason I'm able to avoid checking luggage... I used to take maybe 20-30 pounds of books every time I went anywhere for longer than 24 hours.

The Kindle screen is definitely not hard on the eyes. The cost of books is usually the same or cheaper than paperbacks, and if you're really against paying for books... well, I have a library membership and I feel a little bit better about participating in my own "read and delete" program from my Kindle if I happened upon a book for free.
1st-Oct-2010 11:33 pm (UTC)
I do a lot of reading on my iPhone. It's so easy. I can whip it out and read while I'm standing in line. I don't have to worry about carrying anything extra. I can read in the dark without disturbing my husband. I think I would enjoy an iPad for the same reasons. Though, to be honest, I don't know that the iPad would be as easy to whip out as my phone. After all, I always have my phone in my pocket.
2nd-Oct-2010 01:04 am (UTC)
I badly want a Kindle, tho I am currently unemployed and can't afford one (let alone an iPad, ha!). tbh, if I had one I would probably still buy books fairly often. I just love them and the tactile experience too much to give them up. but I read a lot of fanfiction, and I would love to be able to curl up with those stories in the same way I can with a book, or be able to take them with me wherever I go. and I would only buy paper books if I was certain it would be something I wanted to keep forever. my current living space is quite small and already overflowing with mine and my husband's books, so an e-reader would allow us to continue having space in which to, you know, walk.

also, if you're seriously considering getting an e-reader, I have had the opportunity to play with both a Kindle and an iPad, and something to keep in mind is that they have very different weights. Kindles are very light, whereas iPads are very heavy. when I first picked one up I was surprised by how heavy it was, and my first thought was, 'well, I'd never want to carry this around in my purse.'
2nd-Oct-2010 03:37 am (UTC)
I'm already carrying around a cell phone and an iPod (and they don't come anywhere close to making an iPhone with enough memory to replace my close-to-full-anyway 160GB iPod, so I can't even combine those two). The last thing I need is another electronic device to lug around. Whereas if I really want to, I can squish a paperback into my purse (or even a large pocket) without worrying about stiffness or clanking or scratching.

Besides, they just don't feel like the same thing. (But I'd probably get over that if it weren't for reason #1.)
3rd-Oct-2010 08:23 pm (UTC)
I don't want to replace books with a computer, but I'd like something like an iPhone, simply because I'd like to have phone, internet, camera and music in one place when travelling.

Edited at 2010-10-03 08:24 pm (UTC)
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