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To do it or not

This poll is about something I've recently been through.

Say you meet a guy at work. He seems nice and asks you out. You have ok but sort of awkward conversations.  And you're not that interested (it's obvious he likes you way more than you like him) but you're curious to see where it all goes so you say yes. However there was no chemistry at all on the date. I mean, zero. You tell him you're not interested and he says that he's ok with that but then 2 days later he sends you an email that can best be described as erratic and contradictory. Naturally there is more to this than just the email like texts but it would make this post way too long so this is a brief as I can make it. It includes things like:

"But I think you've got a good heart, which is why I'm wondering why you've been so hard and so cold and so passive" I'm only including because he later says I'm could be compassionate, am I cold or kind-hearted, lol?

"I felt I was putting too much on the line even trying to talk to anyone I worked with. But you were so smart... and you looked so good in that striped top you wore sometimes... and you looked like the type of person I could have a decent conversation with, whenever you didn't look like you were about to beat someone up." but then he says that "you're not exactly the most brilliant conversationalist..."

"You can be such an ass, sometimes. Like, okay, I dig that you weren't feeling me and I know that the crack about your body was probably tasteless, but damn it woman, have a little heart. You can be so blah."  I still don't know what he means by crack about my body. He texted me, after our date, after I rejected him that I had an awesome body so I don't see how it's a crack.

"To sum things up: I like you. I think you're awesome. You have a serious attitude problem and it wouldn't hurt for you to show a little compassion-- but, really, I think you're amazing."

The whole email is like that. I'm definitely not interested after that email so my question is do I respond and tell him back off or do I just ignore it? I'm just not sure if I'd make it worse with either option.

Poll #1571922 Some advice

What should I do?

Respond and tell him to leave me alone
Don't respond and just leave it alone
No clue. :-)
A third option I haven't thought of

***Edit: I should have added that I don't work with him anymore because I was laid off on the 20th so, thankfully, it's not a matter of personal safety. He wasn't weird until this past week when we had our date. He doesn't know where I live unless he's crazy enough to try to find out***.
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