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Speeding Tickets

Fargo, North Dakota, just added two "unmarked"* sirened police cars for catching speeders (WDAY TV news story). They interviewed some of the ticketed on last night's news, and the folks, who were all pretty amiable considering they now owed the city some money, had differing viewpoints on this method of stopping speeders. While some agreed that they done the crime so now they must pay the fine, others said that they felt that they should be given fair warning of a police vehicle so they have a chance to obey the law. Still others noted that they were wary of being pulled over by a non-police person who might be up to no good.

What is your opinion?

Poll #1558628 Speed Traps

Using unmarked police cars to ticket speeders:

is a fair way to stop speeders
is entrapment
is ... ? (elaborate in comments, please!)

* Unmarked in that they are not typical police vehicles, but still have license plates that read POLICE, so...
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