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Explain me what is justice, what is right?

Online advertisements: a necessary or unnecessary evil?

A recent entry from a friend regarding online ads has made me wonder just how "necessary" an evil they really are. So naturally, I'm curious as to what your thoughts are on this phenomenon.

Due to length, poll is under the cut. I also apologize that it wasn't very well designed; there were character limits that I had to honor, and it only allows fifteen items per question. =/ I also admit that I am very biased against ads, but maybe this bias is misinformed? YOU GUYS TELL ME. XD (I just ask that you keep your comments respectful; no flaming or name-calling, please.)

Also, just to clarify, I'm mainly talking about ads served from third-party sites, not necessarily those for the original site. I apologize that I neglected to make that distinction there.

Poll #1544251 Online ads

1. Please ticky all that reflect your feelings and thoughts on online ads.

They're a necessary evil; they help keep websites running.
There needs to be a better way for websites to raise revenue than imposing ads on their viewers.
The text-only ads aren't too bad, since they theoretically cause no harm to the viewer's system and take up little bandwidth.
All ads needlessly increase load times and waste bandwidth, especially if the viewer has no interest in purchasing anything based off an online ad.
In order to help websites remain free for viewing, people visiting these website should never use ad-blocking software or browser add-ons because such software robs these websites of their revenue.
Online ads often contain malware and put all viewers' computers at risk, even if they never click on an ad, so visiting any website without an ad-blocker is foolishness in this day and age.
It's the web surfer's responsibility to use a secure web browser with ad-blocking add-ons; if they visit a site they had thought "safe" without these protections, then it's their fault if they got slammed with malware from ads served on that site.
It's the web surfer's responsibility to contact the owner of the website and/or their ad-server to inform them of security problems with the ads; these people can't be expected to be perfect!
It's the website's and/or ad-server's responsibility to ensure the safety of all delivered content because they're the ones providing a service, and even "safe" sites can mistakenly include ads containing malware.
I find online ads useful as a way to get the word out about a product.
There are better ways to get the word out about products; there's something called "word of mouth" and "personal LJ pimping," which both entail a trusted friend recommending a product they use and can attest to its safety.
I have purchased (or would purchase) something I learned about via an online ad.
I would never purchase anything I learned about solely from an online ad; if I'm in the market for something, I would use other methods such as asking trusted friends and relatives or browsing the shelves of my local store.
I would never purchase anything advertised in an online ad because I mentally block out ads and/or find them a nuisance.
Other (will comment to this entry or answer #2)

2. If you tickied "Other" in #1, please explain here (255 character max).

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