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A study made by the European Commission in 2001 tried to predict the… 
12th-Feb-2010 10:02 pm
sophie, skype, weemee
A study made by the European Commission in 2001 tried to predict the usage of methods to connect to the Internet in every year going up to 2010. I'm kind of curious to see how that matches up with reality, so I'm providing a poll below that matches the methods given in the study, with the only addition of "Other" and "I don't know" options.

You should answer with what type of connection you pay your ISP to provide you with. For example, if you use wifi to connect to your wireless router, but it uses ADSL to connect with the ISP, you should choose "ADSL". Similarly, if it's a cable wireless modem, choose "Cable modem". (In fact, there is no wifi option for this reason; see below.)

One note - FWA stands for Fixed Wireless Access, otherwise known as a Wireless local loop (and other names; see the link for details). It generally does *not* refer to wifi; rather, it means that your router itself uses a wireless connection to communicate with a nearby station belonging to your phone company.

In some rare cases, an ISP itself might provide wifi directly, rather than your router; if that's so, choose FWA. In all other cases, don't. :)

On to the poll!

Poll #1524827 How do you connect to the Internet?

What method do you use to connect your computer/router to the Internet?

Pure fibre
Fibre hybrid
FWA (Fixed Wireless Access; generally not wifi)
Cable modem
Dial up
Other (explain in comments)
I don't know
13th-Feb-2010 02:18 pm (UTC)
"Straight" DSL, rather than ADSL.
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