Climbing on the table full of empties (fallen_scholar) wrote in polloftheday,
Climbing on the table full of empties

Is despair merely the absence of hope? Put differently, which of the two views are more accurate: there two discrete and opposed emotions - hope and despair - that each provide contrasting force against one another, like some arm wrestling match within someone's psyche or that there is only one emotion - hope - but the lack of it we call the emotion of despair, in the same way that when a car is out of fuel, it's out of fuel, not full of non-fuel.

I realize it's a matter of semantics. The practical difference may be non-extant. If you're on the fence on it, assume a "more like ____ than _____." Since it is a matter of semantics, I'm really interested if anyone would conceptualize different words for the pairing, or pairings.

Poll #1464079 Two Emotions

Is despair the absence of hope?

Yes. Despair is the emotion of the lack of hope.
No. Despair is the presence of an emotion apart from (but contrasting to) hope.
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