Kenneth (kensmind) wrote in polloftheday,

Big Screen Green Lantern

I read here that Warner Brothers is about to decide which actor will be cast in the lead role in its December 2010 movie "Green Lantern". The three finalists are Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds and Justin Timberlake.

So who do you think would make the best GL from among these three? Below is poll on the subject. Although the story doesn't mention this, let's assume that it's Hal Jordan we're talking about here as GL, not Alan Scott, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart or anyone else. The first poll question doesn't allow for cop-outs, so even if you think they all suck, pick one. It doesn't contain a "I don't care" option either, so if you don't care, then ignore the poll. The second question allows for you to suggest a better selection.

Poll #1427825 GL Role

Among the three actors rumoured for the role of Green Lantern, which do you believe would make the best GL?

Bradley Cooper
Ryan Reynolds
Justin Timberlake

If you were casting for this role and could select any (living) actor, who would you cast?

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