Climbing on the table full of empties (fallen_scholar) wrote in polloftheday,
Climbing on the table full of empties

I live/work in a historical, architecturally unusual building, made more so by the nature of development around it. I also live in an arty neighborhood.

Every other month or so, depending, I see someone doing a photo/movie shoot using the building.

Like, as I type this, there's a overly made up girl jumping in front of my office window, being photographed, seemingly ignorant that there's anyone inside the office.

Anyway, whenever this happens, I have the conflicting desires. On one hand, there is the slight umbrage they're just using my place as a 'scenic' locale without so much as a by your leave. But, I mean, come on, I've committed more clearly unsavory legal things in the process of my own art.

Of course, the problem is that the participants vary. It's just as likely students who don't know better and don't have anywhere to go, as it is honest-to-goodness professionals thinking that forgiveness is easier than permission. But, then again, I have had people ask, and I have always given them permission.

It's also not some great trampling over my rights.'s hard to explain. It seems like some enormous trifle, until it actually happens to you. It feels like a violation of your own space. And that is disturbing, even when there's no real disruption. It's like coming home to find out that your flatmate replaced the lightbulb in your room. Even if there was no actual invasion of privacy, there's a line that gets crossed.

And yes, she's still outside, jumping.

What do I do about the photographers?

Tell the damn kids to get off your lawn!!!
Let 'em do it!!! What loss is it to you???
You ought to tell them to get lost, but it's too much effort, so let it slide.
Wait until they're done, then hit them up for $ for using the building.
As the answer above, but only as a joke, to scare them into thinking about it.
Another, more clever option that I will detail below.

EDITED FOR CLARITY: The building is mixed use, so sometimes this means a commercial part, sometimes a residential. It's a highly unique building presenting a number of different "visual terrain." It is also frequently not outright disruptive, outside of the gawk-worthy sense.
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