Climbing on the table full of empties (fallen_scholar) wrote in polloftheday,
Climbing on the table full of empties

Background: About to graduate, but discovered one class did not cover what I anticipated (oh, and how I could complain about that), so switched out. I still need to fill out the necessary credits, though, but there's nothing I really want to take. So then...
Poll #1337867 Last...credits...

Care to offer opinion on my class spread?

Option A.
Option B.

Option A –

  • One class.

  • Slightly less money.

  • Professor I don't know, but hear rumors of his excellence.

  • Appears very demanding in terms of class prep.

  • Subject wins at the Rule of Cool, but has no use to me, at all, ever, and the sort of thing I hope never, ever does.

  • 1 Big Exam.

  • Slightly better fit to schedule.

  • Class is one big long chunk, at night, which can be a Long March.

Option B –

  • Two classes.

  • More time in class.

  • Professors I know, both egotists, both annoyingly chummy, but tolerable and know me.

  • Appears very undemanding in terms of class prep, but might be more time consuming.

  • Subjects Dull as Paint, but one is very applicable to my work, and the other fills an obvious gap in my education.

  • Two medium papers + presentations

  • Class times less convenient, but more distributed, thus it's easier to actually maintain attention.

In indecision, Rule of Cool + Less Money will prevail, but something I can't place keeps me bouncing back and forth, so I'm interested in where the poll numbers lie.

Thanks in advance.
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