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Nuclear Power: Yes or No?

One of the issues that was discussed in the recent US election, but which hasn't been talked about much recently, is the use of nuclear power as a cheap and clean fuel source. The pros and cons of this are summarized in the following paragraph from a Wikipedia article:

"Proponents of nuclear energy contend that nuclear power is a sustainable energy source that reduces carbon emissions and increases energy security by decreasing dependence on foreign oil.Proponents also claim that the risks of storing waste are small and can be further reduced by the technology in the new reactors and the operational safety record is already good when compared to the other major kinds of power plants.

"Critics believe that nuclear power is a potentially dangerous and declining energy source, with decreasing proportion of nuclear energy in power production, and dispute whether the risks can be reduced through new technology. Critics also point to the problem of storing radioactive waste, the potential for possibly severe radioactive contamination by accident or sabotage, the possibility of nuclear proliferation and the disadvantages of centralized electrical production.

"Arguments of economics and safety are used by both sides of the debate."

So what's your opinion on this issue?

Poll #1294083 Nuclear power

Do you believe that more nuclear reactors should be built to generate energy for civillian (non-military) purposes?

Yes, for sure
I'm leaning towards yes on this one
I'm not sure and not swayed in either direction
I'm leaning towards no on this one
No for sure
My opinion doesn't fit into any of these choices, so I'll explain in a comment/
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