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Election Prediction Poll, Part Deux

I realize that last week I posted a very similar poll to this one. But we're now about 24 hours away from the big day, and I'm curious to see which of you are clairvoyant.

Pick who you think will win the US election tomorrow, the number of electoral college votes, and the percentage of popular votes that you think the winner will get.

To help with the electoral college votes, you can go to the link below for a map that you can play with:

As for the last question, in 2004, George Bush received 50.7% of the popular vote while receiving 286 electoral votes. In 2000 he received 47.9% of the popular vote and 271 electoral votes. You get the idea.

I'll close the poll around noon tomorrow and on Wednesday we'll see who comes the closest and can claim braggining rights. Good luck!

Poll #1290550 Election Prediction Part Deux
This poll is closed.

I predict that the winner of the US election tomorrow will be

John McCain
Barack Obama

Of the possible 538 electoral college votes, I predict that each candidate will receive the following number of electoral college votes:

I predict that the percentage of popular votes that the winning candidate will receive tomorrow will be:

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