Climbing on the table full of empties (fallen_scholar) wrote in polloftheday,
Climbing on the table full of empties

IN 1980, Carl Sagan, for the television series Cosmos, created the notion of the "Ship of the Mind." The Ship of the Mind was Sagan's quasi-prop to enable him to present "close-ups" as it were, to various celestial events. His model for the Ship of the Mind was a Taraxacum seed.

Between you and me, Internet, I suspect there's some sort of reverberation from B.M. Goldwater advertising in Sagan's choice. Whether that's true or a total and utter mistaken misinterpretation, I'm not to know, but I don't thing that the same SotM is as appropriate for this world.

Yet, that only begs the question:

In the "updated" version of Cosmos what should the model for the SotM be?

And, to be clear, you're no means limited by what is biologically possible, though I'd rather you were limited by what was functionally possible. Err on the side of realism, or at least feasibility with a PBS budget at a decent Mac.
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