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Getting there isn't always easy

This poll will require some explaining.....

Later this month a friend of mine is getting married and myself and my husband just purchased the plane tickets to attend. We live in Ohio, she is in Florida. The two of us are staying at my parents house and the plan was to drive with to the wedding, since my friend mentioned several times inviting them too. I learned about two weeks ago my parents had not received an invitation yet and I was told by my mom not to ask because she (my mom) understands people having to be cut and it was not a big deal. The thing is my friend did mention having to cut the guest list (they changed venues) but I swear she still mentioned my parents coming, even asked for confirmation of their address. So I figured it was a mistake and they were accidentally left off.

Fast forward today. My friend called and I mentioned how we just got the plane tickets and would be staying at my parents, which she commented on not being able to invite them. Here's the thing she knows we have no way to get there (the wedding) unless we rent a car. Quite a few of her husband to be's family can't come because they changed the date from Saturday to Sunday which means there would room for two extra people. If all the guests had said yes there was no room I won't even consider asking if she can "squeeze" them in. Yet on the other hand it is her wedding (and future hubby's) and I know everything was considered carefully. I should mention she did seem a bit surprised when I mentioned I was flying, perhaps she assumed we were driving and would have the car?

BTW she is (or was) close to my parents and she used to consider them like second parents so it's not a case of her not being uneasy inviting people she barely knows and the cutting the list was the perfect reason to remove them.

Should I ask if there is any possible way my parents can attend as well?

Yes, she mentioned them coming and your plans depend of that.
Yes for another reason.
No, she had her reasonings and just find another way there.
No, for another reason.

If I do ask I would ...

Guilt her into it ... "well without a car we may not make it, but if my parents were coming..."
Just simply ask if she'd reconsider it.

If I don't ask and need to rent a car what rental place would you recommend?

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