Tabetha (trivher) wrote in polloftheday,

To pack or not to pack

A good friend (and his wife) of mine and my husband are moving this weekend and this evening a few of us are to go over and help pack. I just know I'll be in the way, I have poor muscle control and frankly like I said I always seem to get in the way! Afterwards we are going to get pizza and hang out. I have no doubt it'll just be them re-telling the same stories over and over and over. The same stories I am tired of hearing, so that'll be boring. When I mentioned to my husband I might just stay here he said I had to go since I won't see the two of them for at least a year and should at least say bye. On the one hand I see his point, however I also have a strong feeling they won't take it personally if I didn't come.

By the way it's a 30 minute drive to their place, so coming over after they pack up would be a waste, if I go I'd go the same time my husband does.

Should I help them move and later hang out?

Yes. They are your friends simple as that.
No. If you'll be in the way whats the point?
Yes. For some other reason.
No. For some other reason.

I ended up staying home. A friend came to pick my husband up and before they left I asked do you think I should go? In which my husband thought for a moment and said "it would be a bit awkward for you perhaps staying here is for the best. I'll tell them to call you before they leave so you can say bye." After that they both left.
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