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Explain me what is justice, what is right?

Utterly pointless poll on coffee cup lids, LOL

Poll #1208830 Coffee cup lids

1. Your thoughts on coffee cups with the tiny open holes on top of the lids? You know, like the ones Starbucks uses for hot beverages, and such. ;)

They make it convenient to drink from.
They are awkward to drink from.
They allow the beverage to cool faster because steam can vent out of the holes.
They allow the beverage to accidentally spill/splatter out of the cup, causing a mess and/or burns.
I like them fine the way they are; nothing needs to be changed.
I wish they had seals on top that we could remove, or were otherwise closed until I am ready to drink the beverage.
Something else that I will mention in #2 or as a comment to this entry.

2. If you tickied "Something else" in #1, please explain here.

FTR, I can't stand those kinds of lids. When I try to drink from them, the beverage just splatters out unevenly and makes a mess. It's easier for me to just remove the lid or stick a straw in the lid's hole. Plus, when I'm carrying the cup around before I'm ready to drink from it, there's usually a good chance that some of the beverage is going to splash out of the cup, causing spills or even burns. I often have to hold a napkin over the hole in the lid just to prevent this from happening. I know the obvious solution is just to drink it right away, but it's usually too hot for me to do so at first, and I have to wait for it to cool down.

I did contact Starbucks about this recently, and they said they are "working on a solution" to this. Apparently, I'm not the only one who doesn't like the way these lids are designed either, LOL.

EDIT: I forgot all about the even tinier hole on the opposite side of the "drinking hole" on top of the cup. ^^;; The one I'm actually referring to in this poll is the "drinking hole." Sorry for the confusion.
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