into_the_sun (into_the_sun) wrote in polloftheday,

Just a little intro...
I recently went into the salon (which I do not do very often) and was appalled at how many people brought their children and husbands along with them! While their presence did not bother me, it was the fact that the children were ill behaved and the husbands were either ignoring the children or arguing with their wife and children, often across the salon! At one point, the mom got up and took away the Nintendo DS because the girls were arguing over it and the husband wouldn't give it up.
Now, I don't expect silence, but when I am getting a pedicure, the last thing I want to hear is bickering and fighting. Why bring your children and husband with you if they have to sit in the waiting area for an hour?
I consider myself a very tolerant person when it comes to kids, but it seems like this is just a bit rude to the other patrons and, frankly, less than fair to the kids themselves.
But, I wanted to see if this bothered anyone else, or if I'm being unfair.

Does it bother you when adults bring their children and/or husbands into the salon?

No for one, yes for the other.
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