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Climbing on the table full of empties

Poll #1172780 ...and I feel fine

Which dystopian future would you rather live in?

Cyberpunk - The dark future of post-humanity, crowed into incomprehensible mega-cities, full of sin and cruelty.
Post-Apocalyptic - The bombs fell, civilization has gone to seed, you're irking out a future in the wasteland; chance of mutants.
Despotic Theocracy – Pick your religion to vilify, it controls the government from top to bottom, and enforces $Deity's will at all costs.
Fascist – We all wear uniforms, heed the thought police, and love the ever-constant gaze of Big Brother.
Lotus-Eaters – À la Bradbury or Huxley, intelligence is a sin, because we're all blissed out on drugs and tawdry entertainment.

In that situation, I'm going to live my life...

I'm exploiting the world to the most of my advantages.
I'm a revolutionary, trying to reform the system into something right.
I'm a revolutionary, but I'm going to try and work within the system rather than outside it.
I'm going to not make any waves, one way or the other, and go along with the world and what's in it, living my life.
I so totally die. Quickly.
You don't understand what I'm going to do! So I'm going to tell you! In the comments!

And, because answering a poll isn't the same without coming up with oodles of qualifications, the rules.

-> The more 'fantastic' elements are not promised, but nor are they denied. For instance, you might get Jericho, you might get Mad Max, you might get Fallout. Just because something part is unrealistic doesn't mean it won't happen, but nor is that assured.

-> Likewise, there's no control over your position. For instance, sure Cyberpunk might be fun if you're the spliced up hacker, but you're just as likely to end up street trash, eating rats to survive.

->Explanations in the comments are ducky.
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