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"Cause I'm the tax man... yeah, I'm the tax man..."

At least for U.S. citizens, and possibly other folks in other countries, you all know what today is. ;) So to be nosy, a little poll!

Poll #1171492 Income tax returns
This poll is closed.

1. Have you filed (or posted through mail) your income tax return(s) if any are due today, April 15? Please select the one that best fits your situation.

Yes, I have already filed/posted all of my income tax returns that are due today
Working on it... working on it... *scrambling to do last-minute tax preparation to get it/them out before midnight tonight*
I have already filed/posted at least one, but am still working on the rest that I am required to file (and hope to get them all out before midnight tonight)
I have already filed/posted at least one, but I won't be able to get the rest out until after midnight tonight
I am working on at least one and hope to get it out before midnight tonight, and the rest will have to wait until later
None yet, but I plan to get them out after midnight tonight
I don't plan to file any of them, although I am required to file at least one
No, because I am not required to file any income tax returns (any reason can apply here)
This does not apply to me because none of my jursidictions (city, state, province, country, etc.) have an income tax filing deadline of April 15
I am honestly not sure
I decline to answer this question
Other (will comment here or answer #2)

2. If you answered "Other" in #1, please explain here.

(Er, btw... I am painfully aware of the typo in "jurisdictions." ^^;; Unfortunately, it is not possible to edit the text of polls once you've posted them. I get a serious fail for that. =( Sorry about that.)
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