Climbing on the table full of empties (fallen_scholar) wrote in polloftheday,
Climbing on the table full of empties

A genie/angel/leprechaun/generic mystical figure grants you a wish, but there's a catch.

It's not a limited wish. It's a general wish. As such, the terminology isn't important. No, let's rephrase.

It's an amazing power. In general, what you want to happen, will happen. The problem is it's not strictly controllable. In other words, if you happen to have that casual though of "God, the world would be better if she wasn't here," there's a good chance she's either going to get shipped off to Mozambique or die in an unusual abstract.

So, in effect, you have the ability for your wishes to come true, but, those amazingly trivial wishes, fears, fantasies, and thoughts of yours? Yeah, you might accidentally make them come true as well. So, while all your desires will get met, there's that off chance all your little trivial thoughts will end up becoming truth and reality, over whatever may have happened.

Poll #1151637 Kitty's test

Under such conditions, would you accept the wishcraft?

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