into_the_sun (into_the_sun) wrote in polloftheday,

Here's the story: I have a friend who asked me if she should go to the doctor (when you majored in biology, everyone assumes you are an expert at all sorts of things). She is experiencing frequent urination, excessive food cravings, and thirst (not excessive, but more than usual). She has not noticed weight loss or gain. She is rather inactive (she walks a lot, but does not get a solid amount of exercise).

She thinks she has diabetes. She has no family history that she knows of.

Would you get tested?


EDIT: Sorry, I should have mentioned that there is no way she is pregnant. Barring, of course, immaculate conception. But if she is carrying the second coming of Christ, I guess this question does not matter much. ;)

And thanks for the input! I will pass it on. I know almost nothing about diabetes (I'm more of a medical microbiology person myself ;) If she had any one of a number of communicable diseases, I would be all over that).

EDIT 2: I took her to the doctor today and she got a 78, which the doctor said was pretty normal for a fasting blood sugar. She will go to a PCP later this month and get a full work-up done. Thanks for the input! I couldn't convince her to go on my own, but somehow the opinions of anonymous strangers made up her mind for her... :)

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