vampy (keturavamp) wrote in polloftheday,

ok i have a small dilemma. and since i am so horrible with making my own decisions, no matter how little they matter, i figured i would ask YOUR opinion, even though im pretty sure what im going to do about it anyways. just for the hell of it.

anyways, my friend was over yesterday and he left his phone here. however, he thought he left it in HIS car and has no idea that i have it. alas, i have his phone so i can not call him to tell him this. he also does not have access to a computer or have a home phone line. however, he only lives about 10 or 15 minutes away so it wouldnt be a horrible drive. of course, i have no idea of knowing whether or not he will be home at all. my friend thinks i should wait and teach him a lesson about misplacing his stuff. i just want to be a good friend and get it back to him.

what would YOU do?

drive there anyways hoping hes there
wait til he finds a way to contact you
throw it away and/or forget about it
use my nifty transporter beam...
something else (comment)
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