~Dellamorte~ (ethereal_dusk) wrote in polloftheday,

eBay sniping.

This poll is about "true" eBay sniping. I sell a lot of CDs on eBay, and some pretty rare ones. I love to sit and watch the last minutes of the auction, watching people snipe at the last moment and seeing the price jump incredibly, sometimes to insanely, higher prices. What I mean by "true" sniping are the people who haven't bid on the item even once, so no one knows they are even considering it. At the very last moment, they will bid enough to know it will win, and they are willing to pay whatever the price becomes.

I guess I am asking this because there is something on there that I really want for my mom and I am willing to pay a crazy price for it, but I have a dilemma, should I bid on it in a nice way, or snipe it at the last moment? Your answers will help to mold my conscience.

Poll #1096481 eBay Sniping

Is *true* eBay sniping:

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