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Cause The Bible Tells Me So

My friend Seth was telling me about a conversation he had with his father, a devout follower of some evangelical religion, about how Seth is going to hell for being gay. This led to a discussion about apparent contradictions between what is in the old and new testaments, and about how some historians* say that the bible we have today may have been distorted over the years by monks who transcribed it from ancient scrolls and who, according to these historians, added things in and left things out. That made me wonder what most people's point of view about the bible is, hence this poll.

In forming the poll question, I realize that more than one of the statements might come close to my point of view, but in the end I decided to see which of the statements most strongly accords with the viewpoint of the members of this group. So have at it fellow PolloftheDayliens.

Poll #1068578 Bible Thumping

Which of the following statements most closely approximates your view of the bible?

It is the word of God, handed down to man
It is a reasonably accurate historical accounting of what happened thousands of years ago
It is an inaccurate accounting of what happened thousands of years ago
It may have been a reasonably accurate accounting of what happened thousands of years ago, but has been distorted over time by transcribers, intentionally or otherwise
It may or may not be accurate, but contains a reasonable code of conduct to live by
The New Testament contains a reasonable code of conduct to live by, the Old Testament does not.
It is a beautiful work of fiction
It is pure drivel
None of these closely approximates how I feel about the bible, so I'll explain in a comment.

Which of the following most closely approximates your view of Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ is the son of God, as portrayed in the bible
Jesus Christ was a prophet but not the son of God
He was a real person living in biblical times, but not the son of God, merely a human
He is a fictional character

(*An example of this point of view can be found in the lectures of Professor Bart Ehrman in his Teaching Company lectures on the New Testament found at: )
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