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Heres an odd one for you guys and gals. Enjoy.

Lets begin with a story ...

A man, um called Ted buys a large screen TV at his local department store, unfortuntally the TV has to be sent out for (none are in stock) and Ted decided to pick it up at the store (instead of having it brought to him). It'll be three days until it is ready. So Ted waits. On the third day he calls the store to confirm the TV arrived, it has and he's told the store is open 10 to 9, more than enough time to get there. However Ted gets busy and forgets about the TV until 8:45 and arrives at the store at 9:15. He tries to walk inside the door the employees are using and his told sorry we're close by someone walking by. Is Ted happy? No. He starts yelling he's only 15 minutes late. Its apparent people are still here. And starts giving excuses why he was late (traffic, work, sick kid, etc). Employee still won't let him in and is getting annoyed. Ted demands to see the manager so he or she is called over. Ted loses it when he is told by that person sorry now go away and come back tomorrow at 10 and someone will more than happy to help you. Ted starts claiming this store sucks, he'll never shop here again and drives off like the devil is chasing him. The next day he calls the store and says he no longer wants the TV for such a horrible place and wants the purchase refunded.

Ted was ....

Stupid to try to pick up the TV so late he deserved not to get it. Hours are there for a reason
Well perhaps Ted should have timed it better, but would it have taken that long to get the tv?
The customer is always right. As long as there are employees there should be service. No matter what.

The department store

Was in the right for not getting the TV
Should have caved in after it was clear how angry Ted was

It true that ....

I have seen people act like Ted
I have acted like Ted
I have been the employee telling Ted no
I have never witnessed such an act
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