ksilver (silver05) wrote in polloftheday,

And they say you should always be true to yourself.

Before World War II, men and women who were married were supposed to regard each other somewhat as equals, with the man in charge of bringing home bacon and the woman supposed to cook it, and then basically be partners and consult each other and all that in many other ways, including business partnerships. With WWII, however, boys were shipped off to war as soon as they left school, and then they came home and were suddenly faced with a whole new lifestyle - that of men, with no life training as to how to be a man. It was then, during this generation, that repression of women became severe and women were consigned to the kitchen and nothing more.

The next generation rebelled, not against old values, but against ther parent's values, oddly enough. Young women aspired to be hard-ass career women instead of kitchen slaves for their husbands. Feminism. Sexual revolution. All women were supposed to want more than just homemaking.

Now a new generation has grown up, and women once again are rebelling. Of course, it's all fine and dandy to rebel against repression and work hard in their careers and make money and take pride in themselves, but hell, we want children and we want to watch them grow up.

My mother is of the generation that values career, and she has raised my sisters and I to be the same. However...I kind of want to stay home and work on my writing and cook and read and take care of my future children.

Poll #1040165 So my question to you is...

If a woman, a literate, intelligent woman, wants to be a housewife and stay home and raise the kids, shouldn't she be allowed to?

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