You're out of adventures :( (claire) wrote in polloftheday,
You're out of adventures :(

Maintainerly note...

All of the maintainers have personal friends on all sides of the recent LiveJournal/6A debate. Because of this, I've decided that this community will be free from commentary about it, since I want all my friends to feel welcome here, and I request that you all honor that.

I have just deleted a poll related to this. I apologize to the author of the poll (who I rudely forgot to note before I did delete the post, because otherwise I would have emailed them rather than noting the deletion in a public post ETA: Found your name through a link I had open, didn't email though since you've already read this post).

Of course, if the other maintainers feel I am in error, they're all welcome to come kick my butt.

ETA: For the several of you that thought otherwise, saying "this community will be free from commentary about it" does not mean "Please tell me your thoughts on the situation then delete your comment."
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