ksilver (silver05) wrote in polloftheday,

Sisters, sisters...

My twin sister has always been one of my best friends, through thick and thin. Even as our interests wandered from one another's, we've always been close and have been able to talk about anything. I helped her with her homework; she yelled at kids who teased me for being weird.

I've always been better with money than she has. She's just a spender, I just like saving. That's the way things are. I've always shared my money with her when she needs it.

We went to a concert last month with our boyfriends. My boyfriend paid for everything except the bed and breakfast. He paid for tickets, gas, tolls, parking, everything. He drove there and back, all six hours. Although my sister paid for the bed and breakfast, that was practically nothing compared to how much my boyfriend spent. She and her boyfriend spent the whole weekend listening to their iPods and talking to each other and ignoring us. We tried to get them to talk and finally my boyfriend just jumped into one of their conversations, only to be yelled at for being racist. My sister and her boyfriend took the nice bed. We got stuck with the tiny futon in the corner.

For the past month I've been having money issues, going into the negative even though I spent barely any money, and constantly having to dip into my savings to cover my debts. Then I discovered why: my sister didn't pay for the bed and breakfast. I did. She stole my credit card and paid for it, without even asking. I am now $900 in debt because of what she did, not to mention the fact that I had two very crucial checks (car and medication) bounce because of this.

I think she owes me $900. Neither she nor my parents agree with this, although eventually I got them to agree to $300. At the same time I was discovering all this, though, she was conned by a sleazy real estate agent and her car broke down and had to be towed to a repair shop.

As angry as I am at her, I can't help but feel sorry for her situation.

Poll #1031164 Traitor, traitor, sister-hater

So what should I do?

Demand she pay me back, now, even if she has to go into debt
Help her through the car and apartment situationi
Cancel the debt so she won't have to worry about that
Hate her forever
Accept she made a mistake and move on
Other, and will comment
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