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Ok, a bit of  a backstory here but  stay with me...

I live in a sharehouse with three other people. I have lived with these guys for a few years, they are great and we are good friends (most days). I cant see any of us moving out any time soon... We do hang out together quite a bit, but we also have very different friends and lives.

When we do hang out together, we tend to sit around in the lounge room and play video games... Mario Party is a favourite, and every now and again we crack out the old stuff. We all prefer Nintendo, but none of us have anything newer than a Game Cube, which is starting to die.

People have been talking about getting a Nintendo Wii since they came out here before last christmas, but none of us on our own can afford it. It has been suggested that the four of us put in and share the cost equally in the console, the extra controllers, and the new Mario Party (8) that is just about to come out.

It would be really cool to have the console around the place and I would use it (although probably not as much as the others), but in all the time we have lived together we havent made a mutual purchase... I am a little hesitant...

Thus, I need your help!!

Should I be involved in this?

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