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Emergency War Funds

The House of Representatives has passed a bill providing the President with more funding to the troops in Iraq but the bill also includes a deadline to the redeployment of US forces out of Iraq by March of 2008. Some of the funds included in the bill also will not go to the war at all but rather problems in the United States itself

The President however has promised to veto it should it reach his desk and will accept nothing short of a "clean bill" with funding dedicated fully to the war with no deadline involved

There are two main outcomes:

1. Congress passes a bill giving the President a "clean bill" allowing the war to continue for at least another year
2. Congress withholds funds eventually forcing the President to withdraw the US military out of Iraq - but this will also make the US military's job of securing Iraq much more harder and much more dangerous up until redeployment

Which would you rather see?

Because this war has effected everyone in the world this poll is open to everyone (not just Americans) as well as free for anyone to comment on. I've tried to keep this poll as open and objective as possible and I hope I have accomplished that.

Poll #952758 Emergency War Funding Bill

What do you think should happen?

I think Congress should give into the President's demands and allow the war to continue
I think Congress should use its power of funding as leverage to eventually force the President's hand and withdraw US forces out of Iraq
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