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This question came up a little bit ago in regards to supporting businesses based on their political leanings. (I think the poll was about whether or not they supported gay rights, I could be wrong.)
Sitting in church today, I wondered whether someone would be swayed by religion in business.
Assuming that all other factors stay the same (quality of products, price, distance from where you live, service, etc.), would a religious store or one run by a clearly religious person encourage or discourage you from doing business with them?

For the poll, it could be any religion, not neccessarily your religion (if you follow one). I'm curious as to whether that would also make a difference (your religion vs. another), so feel free to elaborate in the comments.

Poll #996575 Religious business.

If you knew a business was religious based, but still gave the same level of quality service and products, would you be more or less likely to do business with them?

Yes, more likely to do business with them.
Maybe, I don't really know.
No, I would avoid doing business with them.
It doesn't matter, I don't care about that.
Other/somewhere in between/comment
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