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The Letter...

First, a little bit of backstory.

My brother is a US Soldier in the Army. He's been in the Army for well over 13 years. He's been married to his wife just as long as he's been married to the Army. They have a 10 year old son.

For the last several years, my brother and sister-in-law have been separated physically. He was in Maryland, she was in Germany. Then he was in Germany and she was here in Georgia. It's been over two years since they've lived under the same roof.

Recently, he received orders to go to Iraq. During his last visit home, before his deployment, the topic of divorce was brought up. I'm not sure of the exact circumstances because I wasn't there. However, it's been discussed. I know that my brother is rather resolute on the fact and my sister-in-law would really like to reconcile.

She's angry. I can understand her anger, however, I do not agree with the things she says while my nephew is in ear shot.

ANYWAY. She recently had to go out of town. My mother kept my nephew for a few days. Before my sister-in-law left, she asked mom to make the little boy write his father.

Here is the letter he wrote:

Dear Dad,
I miss you so much. I think that the thing that I miss most of all is when you held mom's hand and when I wasn't some sort of isolation.
It hurts me so badly that ya'll aren't liking each other. Could you two work harder than ya'll ever have before to get back together?
From T.C.

Now, there seems to be some question on whether or not the letter should be sent...

As important as it is for communication to remain open between father and son, my mom is worried about making my brother upset when he should really be focused on his own safety. There's also the worry that my sister-in-law has coached him in some way.

I am rather confused on the matter. I can see my mother's point but if it was me, I'd want to know what my son was saying.

So, I bring this to you...

Poll #994799 To send or not to send?

Should the letter get sent?


What did you answer above? Why is that your answer?

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