Kenneth (kensmind) wrote in polloftheday,

What's on Your Bookshelf?

I like to read. I alternate between a fiction and a non-fiction, except when I'm on summer holidays, then it's all fiction. Here's a text-entry poll about what type of stuff you read, and what you'd recommend to other people.

NOTE: Where the poll says biographies, this includes autobiographies.

Poll #982257 Summer reading

Recommend a fiction book that would make great summer reading.

What's the last fiction book that you read? (Not necessarily what you'd recommend, I just want to get an idea of what kind of stuff people in this community read.)

What was the last biography that you read?

What is a biography that you have read that you'd recommend for other people?

What is the last non-fiction book that you read?

What is a non-fiction book that you would recommend to others?

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