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Homosexuality and Corporations

You may have heard about a poll that the AFA (American Family Association) have put up on their site lately, asking how people would change buying decisions based on whether the corporations in questions support homosexuality. It has been stated in numerous places that the poll is biased because of its wording and the way it was publicised.

In order to ascertain for myself what the results would be more likely to be if those elements (and only those elements) were changed to be more neural, I thought I'd post here. I'm doing my best to make sure that this is as neutral as possible. There's only one question here, and it's pretty much exactly the same as the AFA poll. The only difference is changing "the homosexual agenda" to "homosexuality". No comments on this, please; this isn't the place to discuss whether an agenda exists, and that's not the purpose of this poll.

Poll #973324 Homosexuality and Corporations

If a corporation supports homosexuality, you would:

Be more likely to do business with that company.
Be less likely to do business with that company.
It would not affect my buying decision.

Comments are enabled, but please, no flame wars. This isn't the place. The only purpose is to compare polls. Oh, and no gloating either if the results turn out to be in your favour - whichever side you're on. That'll just trigger flames.

If you need to discuss this, here's some LJ community posts to do so in. Thanks. :)
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